Thus begins

Back after three days of hiking and camping.

Today begins two weeks of focussed studio time. Well... with a day hike planned for the weekend, weather permitting #grin.

Tonight's a Black Hat Clowns session.

Tomorrow I begin production of the New Mythology.

Artistic evacuation

Today I am cleaning and tuning my drums. I play a set of vintage maple shelled Slingerlands that I'm pretty sure were manufactured in the mid to late 1970s. I purchased them second hand in the late 1980s. I knew the cat who sold them to me and had actually played the kit more than a decade earlier in his basement. I ran into him at a gas station. It had been years since I'd last seen him. He told me he still had the kit gathering dust in his basement. I offered him five bills on the spot and followed him home to make the exchange.

I have a feeling that the cleaning, tuning and reassembly of my drums will take me longer than I would like it to take but it is currently on the top of my todo list.

By the end of this week I hope to have my drums reassembled, mic'd up and working with my DAW. I'd be thrilled if I also had everything E.Q.'d for the room with the settings saved for my PreSonus StudioLive console. But that is probably way too much to hope for.

By the end of this week I do intend to have this website updated with some theme modifications and all of the Drupal code updated. I also plan to place the link to my online forum, affectionately known as Babbleon, here at

I've just completed writing a collection of six new songs. Actually I wrote one of them in September and was working on the demo when I realized I needed to pretty much gut my studio, clean and de-clutter it, and then rebuild it if I were going to realize even a small portion of the artistic output I have planned for 2013. So I stopped where I was, without even mixing it down. Which is kinda funny because when I revisited the project in Sonar X2 last week I found that the demo was pretty much complete - I only needed to render it. #foreheadslap

The other five songs I've written in the past handful of weeks with most of them coming in a quick burst of artistic evacuation over the last two weeks. As of today I am preparing to focus the majority of my energies over the next four weeks toward a new project I am currently calling "The New Mythology E.P." The name is, of course, subject to change. But since I plan to log the project here on this website - I have to have something to call it.

Happy Compound New Year!

Here at the Naked Acre Compound we run the year from 24 January to 24 January.

Here at the Compound - it's a holiday.

Happy Compound New Year!

In celebration I've put the website back up.

This is "Herring" - a bare bones blog-like site that will reside here for the next few months as I work on "Phoenix" - the website that I've been designing and developing for a very long time. It is coming along nicely now and will be online before the end of 2013 and filled with content.

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